Get Organized Here

GetOrganizedHere is pleased to announce our partnership with CourtView customers to provide filing and organizational products they need. We offer a number of proven filing product solutions to keep your case files at your fingertips.


Filing products Stock folders are available in manila and colored stock in a variety of stock weights. Our online ordering system makes it simple for you to order what you need, when you need it.
file folders CUSTOM CASE FILES: Filing and retrieving case files can be time consuming and frustrating. GetOrganizedHere can help reduce these frustrations by color coding or include barcoding to organize your important case files. We start with a cost-free file survey to determine your folder and space requirements. The survey will enable us to determine your needs, and allow us to make cost saving suggestions and improvements. We are an Ohio based company that has been manufacturing case file folders since 1974.
NetLabels labels NetLabels: We offer our NetLabels printing software so that you can print a strip label on demand. The label is designed the way you want it. You can print one label, or a series of labels using your desk top printer. This system makes it easy to repair or replace damaged case files, or to create new ones on the spot. These labels can be made to match your existing filing system. No more need to purchase labels on rolls! With NetLabels, you can create the label when you need it. 


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